child #scrawls are different. The structure of a one-year-old child's scrawls is different from that of a three-year-old child.

Children usually use pencils when they are one year old, but instead of scribbling on paper.

So they won't be able to leave a mark on the paper.

But at 18 to 20 months they will eventually succeed in drawing.

"Kellogg"'s studies of children in different countries show that children's #paintings in the world have the same foundations.

Painting is directly linked to the #Muscle growth of children.

#Child #painting has five stages, including scribbling and drawing lines or #geometric shapes and placing several objects together and the final #stage is the integration of the previous steps.

Within a few months, the #baby will notice that some objects scratch on different surfaces. If a #child finds the opportunity to touch objects, he will soon realize that #pencils can affect objects such as #paper, "cratty" said. It is important for the child to discover this. At the same time, the child realizes that by moving his #mouth and respiratory system, he can make different #sounds that are audible to others. He eagerly learns how to get the sound out of his #mouth and #enjoys it when he finds his family laugh to him.

Shortly after #birth, the #baby is drawn to the movements in his field of vision and follows these movements with his #eyes.

At three months of age, he constantly looks at his hands and touches objects.

It's been a while since he's been experiencing his intellectual and #emotional activities. In 1972, "#Bower" showed in an experiment that, contrary to the general belief, a 2-3-month-old baby was able to distinguish between #2D and #3D #images and to follow different directions in space. According to "#Bremer",they can choose one object between several objects.